What is a CRM?

CRM is short for customer relationship management. A CRM system is a web application that businesses use to organize information about their customers and leads.


Our CRM system isn’t just a list of YOUR contacts. It contains customers’ details and history of your communication with a CONTACT OR LEAD, along with information about those customers’ place or status in the sales process.


Our CRM also have features such as set it and forget it,  email campaigns that can be setup in January but not run until a scheduled date later in the year.


Custom reports or list can be created on contact information that is most important to your ability to market or communicate with your LEADS OR CONTACTS. examples are Birthday’s, Anniversaries, special Geographical locations list and more. With our CRM we have the ability to manage your leads, contacts, email communications and calendar.

Our CRM system is Designed and setup to also accommodate multi user management, examples are agents with appointment setters or 3rd party marketing companies.  

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